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Houston Fireworks Safety

Fireworks in Houston and across the United States tend to be the highlight of the Fourth of July holiday. Unfortunately, people who are not experienced in operating fireworks contribute to thousands of accidents during the holiday. Outdoor, house and car fires are all reported in relation to the improper use of Houston fireworks. Deaths and injuries also occur each year because of improper fireworks operation. Over $30 million in damage is done by fireworks each Fourth of July.

Houston fireworks display companies are able to provide the beauty of fireworks without exposing event planners to the risk associated with operating them. Professionals have the experience needed to coordinate a breathtaking fireworks show while prioritizing safety. Even sparklers and other small fireworks used to celebrate Independence Day can cause fires or injuries, so it is important for people to be proactive about staying safe this holiday.

Tips For Staying Safe Around Fireworks

The best way to stay safe while enjoying Houston fireworks this holiday is by leaving the display to the professionals. Research local events that end with a fireworks display for a safe solution.

While public events that include a fireworks display are much safer than trying to operate fireworks without the necessary experience, it is still possible for people to become injured at these events. Children may become injured if they wander into the area in which the display is set up. Parents and relatives should discuss the dangers of fireworks with their children before attending an event. Diligent supervision can help to reduce the risk of injury.

Fireworks that appear to be inactive may still be lit. It is important for people to avoid handling debris from fireworks after a display has ended. Do not allow children to pick up this debris after the show.

Pet injuries can also occur during fireworks displays. Pets are more difficult to control when fireworks are being set off, so it is recommended that furry family members stay at home during these events.

Safe Operation of Handheld Fireworks

Approximately 16 percent of all fireworks-related injuries that occur each year can be linked to sparklers. Many people believe that sparklers are safe because of their small size and widespread availability, but the fact that one end is kept lit while they are in use means that sparklers do pose a risk to people who do not handle them properly.

Sparklers can reach an impressive 1,200 degrees. The high heat at the lit end of a sparkler is able to cause third-degree burns, and people who are only exposed to the heat for a few seconds can experience these serious burns.

Sparklers should be immediately placed in a bucket of water when they are done being used. This helps to prevent children from accidentally touching the hot metal. Prepare a water source before lighting sparklers.

Children should never be allowed to light sparklers on their own. Small children should not be given sparklers at all. If parents would like smaller children to participate when sparklers are being used, older children or adults can display sparklers from a safe distance.

Leaving the Big Displays To Professionals

Firefighters are used to responding to calls related to the improper use of fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday. These emergency responders recommend that only licensed fireworks exhibitors handle the dangerous products for the safety of children, adults and pets.

A company that specializes in convention services can handle fireworks displays for these events. Businesses in Houston that offer party rentals often employ experienced individuals who can properly handle fireworks. Anyone who would like to include fireworks during a special event can consult with a professional fireworks operator to help make any festivity memorable for all the right reasons.

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