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Houston Pyrotechnics and Fireworks


Welcome to the exciting pyrotechnics world of The Phoenix Design Group, Inc. We are a Texas-based pyrotechnics and mixed media production company in the Houston area specializing in innovative and spectacular indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics displays along with theatrical stage performance pyro and flame effects.

Great Memories

Most people have memories of Fourth of July celebrations with children waving hand sparklers while anxiously anticipating the evening’s grand finale. As the sky darkens to a velvety black, a tell-tale rocket whistle is heard. Everyone looks up just as a huge burst of glittering color explodes against the night sky. Many viewers gasp, some cheer, but all are mesmerized by the sheer power of a visually stunning fireworks presentation.

That thrill continues to this day with every pyrotechnics event we design and present. Undoubtedly, fireworks have an incomparable ability to awe. In the hands of our talented and creative pyrotechnics professionals, fireworks become spellbinding works of art that grace Houston’s night skies in celebration of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other events. Business events become experiences attendees are unlikely to forget, taking home the excitement of a pyrotechnics display along with the business presentation message.

Table Top Effects * Stage Effects * Dance Floor Effects * Outdoor Aerials * Logos & Monograms
New Technology Means More Exciting Fireworks

Although fireworks have been used since the ancient Chinese dynasties, advanced pyrotechnology has brought the scope of pyrotechnics displays into the 21st century. This allows for some previously impossible fireworks and pyrotechnics designs. This is great news for our designers and technicians because they are the best in the field. Their amazing creativity is our greatest asset in the world of Houston pyrotechnics. Their breadth of expertise allows them to envision and create mind-boggling indoor and outdoor fireworks displays that will propel your event into an unforgettable experience.

Lighting up the night or making an indoor event sparkle are just some of our technicians’ many talents. They are equally adept at creating more subtle and ethereal pyrotechnic magic that is so incredibly beautiful it leaves spectators breathless. These more personal pyrotechnics displays include colorful tabletop sparklers and dance floor effects that will put your event into a class of its own.

Attention to Detail From Beginning to End

An outstanding pyrotechnics display requires careful planning every step of the way. For every Houston fireworks display that awed a crowd, there have been some that did not. We take great pride in creating the exact fireworks or pyrotechnics displays you have in mind. Our goal is to bring your pyrotechnics vision to life. During the design phase of your project, our staff considers each detail, from the display area, to the seating plan, and everything in between. When we say we want to give you perfection that is exactly what we mean.

Outstanding Safety Record

No one wants to think about something going wrong, but without careful scrutiny throughout the project development and presentation, accidents are much more likely to happen. Attention to detail when planning your event ensures the safety of you, your guests, your property, and our technicians. We have one of the best safety records in the industry. Our technicians are experienced and licensed by the state of Texas. We provide general liability insurance, which meets and usually exceeds local AHJ regulations and standards.

Working With the Best

The Phoenix Design Group, Inc. has the goal of being the best Houston fireworks design and presentation source in the industry. We give our absolute best with every client and with every event, large or small. We believe we can create a pyrotechnics presentation that will astound you. We look forward to working with you on your next unforgettable event.