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Five Fabulous New Year’s Eve Fireworks Displays Around the World

A brand new year is right around the corner, and itis a tradition in America and all around the world to welcome the wonderful new year with a big party that includes bright and beautiful fireworks. If you live in Texas, then you most likely already know that you can find amazing Houston fireworks, party rentals and audio visual equipment to greatly enhance your own celebration. However, if you enjoy traveling, then you might want to consider taking in one of these spectacular fireworks displays that are planned at several wonderful vacation destinations.

Sydney, Australia

Come join an expected 2 million others at this celebration that includes two amazing fireworks displays at gorgeous Sydney Harbor. The fireworks will be launched from the Harbor Bridge, and there are many spots along the shoreline and nearby areas where you can expect a great view. Families with children are encouraged to arrive early at 5 p.m. for a variety of family friendly activities that will lead up to the 9 p.m. family fireworks exhibit. This is followed by a parade of approximately 50 brightly-lit boats making their way through the water. Midnight brings the final fireworks show to officially welcome in the New Year, and the celebration will continue into the night.

Seattle, Washington

You can expect a spectacular sight at the stroke of midnight when this fireworks display launches from the top of the 650-foot-tall Space Needle. Enjoy the more than 2,000 amazing pyrotechnic effects with an expected 50,000 people in attendance. Join the crowd at the foot of the space needle, or you may choose many other local spots as the fireworks can be seen from a good distance. Live concerts, special activities for children and exclusive hotel and restaurant events are scheduled throughout the day and night in the area.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish take their celebrations seriously, and they welcome in the new year with a Hogmanay Festival. Join an expected 80,000 people who represent 60 different countries for activities that include a traditional fire festival, torchlight procession and a street party that features live music and spectacular fireworks. Four separate fireworks displays are planned each hour counting down to the main display at midnight at Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill. At midnight, everyone is also encouraged to join hands with their fellow party-goers to sing, “Auld Lang Syne.”

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Up to 2 million people flock to Copacabana Beach to enjoy the New Year’s Eve festivities. Expect to be entertained by live music shows featuring both traditional Brazilian music and rock and roll beginning at 8 p.m. At midnight, the fireworks will be set off from barges docked offshore, so that you may enjoy the spectacular display over the water. You may choose to watch the fireworks from the beach or from the beach lanes, which are closed to traffic during the celebration. Champagne is welcome on the beach, and you will find nightclubs and bars within walking distance if you wish to continue your celebration after the fireworks.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The entire Las Vegas strip will be a wonderful place for adults to celebrate. It will be closed to traffic beginning at 6 p.m., and over 320,000 visitors are expected to enjoy a huge street party. Expect a festive atmosphere to count down the hours until midnight when seven casinos will simultaneously set more than 80,000 fireworks off from the rooftops and it will all be accompanied by music.

This is just a small sampling of the many New Year’s Eve fireworks displays that are scheduled around the world. It is the perfect opportunity to spend some time in a new place where you can celebrate the arrival of a brand new year with loved ones and new friends.

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