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Houston Convention Services | Event Production

What is it you want to accomplish by holding this gathering? This may sound like a rudimentary question but Phoenix Design wants to know. Sharing an overall concept can inspire and create a fantastic end result for a Houston Convention.

We can provide your group with a well-planned commercial or corporate event so that networking and other tasks for which the convention was created can be accomplished with few if any headaches. We have no booth minimums, and we often offer multi-year discounts. The reason behind the convention needs to be at the forefront of the event. Leave the planning to the experts at Phoenix Design.

Trade Shows – Trade Show Booths – Aisle Carpet and Booth Carpet – Exhibitor Signs and Event Signs – Registration Desks – Drayage-Material Handling – Tables and Chairs – A/V Equipment and Staging – Entry Décor – Velour Drape/Curtains – Raffle Drums and Podiums – Stanchions and Ropes – Exhibitor Booth Accessories – Event Coordinators – Industry Expos – Quilt Guilds – Tables and Chairs – Onsite Service Desks – Conferences – Festivals and Fairs – Video Screens and TV Monitors – Stanchions and Ropes – PA Systems – Raffle Drums – Tents – Booth Rentals